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Spunbonded Polyester

  • Apr
    [Blog] Dust Filter Cartridges under different sizes, materials, and applications

    DGC Filter recently fulfilled orders according to clients' requirements: dust filter cartridges under different sizes, materials, and applications. Just contact us for more detials and quotations.

  • Dec
    [Blog] Regular Leak Testing for Dust Filtration System

    Maintaining and periodically replacing dust collector bags is vital to protect your equipment, and ensure the health and safety of your personnel.

  • Nov
    [Blog] PTFE Teflon needle felt filter bags

    PTFE needle felt filter bagsPTFE needle felt (Teflon) is used in dry industrial filtration in chemically aggressive environments where the temperature reaches 280°C. Highly resistant to any chemical mixtures in exhaust gases.

  • Nov
    [Blog] PTFE filter bags: oil and water repellent PTFE-based

    PTFE filter bags: oil and water repellent PTFE-based, DGC filter supply PTFE filter bags and supporting filter cages, various size and surface finishing available.

  • Nov
    [Blog] DGC replacement Amano and Camfil cartridge filter

    DGC design and manufacture core parts filter cartridges for various industrial dust collectors. After nearly 20 years of development, we can not only provide standardized filter cartridges, but also provide customers with OEM and Customized service.Especially the details of some filter cartridges ca

  • Oct
    [Blog] What is dust

    Dust, or airborne particles, consists of minute particles that can remain freely suspended in the air and distributed over long distances.Such particles are 100 µm in size or smaller, i.e. one tenth of a millimetre. However, larger particles which are not airborne can also be considered dust. Dust i

  • Oct
    [Blog] DGC advanced filtration technology can make the replacement of Camfil cartridge for FARR GOLF series collector

    DGC advanced filtration technology can make the replacement of Camfil cartridge for FARR GOLF series collector Our DGC Camfil Farr Filter equivalents are made in using high quality filter media options: FR-TYPE Spun-bonded Polyester with fire retardant C-TYPE Spun-bonded Polyester impregnated w

  • Feb
    [Blog] What is a HEPA filter

    DFC filter manufacture all kinds of primary filters,medium efficiency filters, HEPA filters,meet the demand of industrial plants. What is exactly HEPA filter?HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters capture variously sized particles within a multi-layered netting usually

  • Dec
    [Blog] DGC- Better environment is our business.

    Most climate scientists and experts agree that the accelerating climate change we see today is created by human activity. We know the greenhouse effect and global warming are probable threats to future generations. Many of us are actively participating to reduce emissions and energy consumption – fr

  • Aug
    [Blog] Filter Bag Installation in a Baghouse

    Filter Bag Installation in a Baghouse

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