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  • Jun
    [Blog] Pleated filter bags

    | Advantages of Pleated FiltersFor years, Bag Filters have been the staple filtration mechanism for dust collectors. Increasingly these are being to replaced by newer technologies such as Pleated Filter Bags (Or Pleated Media). Pleated Filtration Media generally has a few advantages over traditiona

  • May
    [Blog] Layout of filter cartridges in dust collectors

    Layout of filter cartridges in dust collectors. Generally, there are two main installation ways of filter cartridges in dust collectors that conclude inclined (horizontal) layout and vertical layout.

  • May
    [Blog] Cartridge Filter Media: Spunbonded Polyester

    Spunbonded Polyester Cartridge Filter MediaSpunbonded polyester performs well in applications with heat, or abrasive dusts. This option is ideal for applications that require a strong filter media with enhanced dust release.Industry applications: Cement, Cardboard, Sandblasting, Abrasive BlastingTre

  • May
    [Blog] Cartridge Filter Media: Nanofiber

    Nanofiber comprises of a thin, synthetic web of fibers that is overlaid on top of a substrate, usually 80/20, sometimes polyester.It is similar to a PTFE membrane on a filter bag; the web of fibers will act as a dust cake and capture a bulk of dust particulate. In comparison to 80/20 filter media, n

  • May
    [Blog] Cartridge Filter Media: 80/20 filter media

    In keeping your dust filtration system running at peak performance, selecting the right filter media for your cartridge dust collector plays an important role.

  • Apr
    [Blog] Upgrade Your Existing Dust Collectors Using Pleated Filters

    Pleated filters may provide double or triple the filtration area than traditional filter bags, and longer service life. These filter elements can install to your dust filtration system, fit the baghouse tube sheet hole.

  • Apr
    [Blog] PTFE Membrane Filter Media

    PTFE membrane: a type of semi-porous layer of PTFE bonded to the surface of a filter. PTFE membrane acts as a permanent dustcake, that captures incoming dust particles on the filter surface, compare to normal filters that require a thick layer of dustcake to actually reach peak efficiency.

  • Apr
    [Blog] Dust Filter Cartridges under different sizes, materials, and applications

    DGC Filter recently fulfilled orders according to clients' requirements: dust filter cartridges under different sizes, materials, and applications. Just contact us for more detials and quotations.

  • Dec
    [Blog] Regular Leak Testing for Dust Filtration System

    Maintaining and periodically replacing dust collector bags is vital to protect your equipment, and ensure the health and safety of your personnel.

  • Nov
    [Blog] PTFE Teflon needle felt filter bags

    PTFE needle felt filter bagsPTFE needle felt (Teflon) is used in dry industrial filtration in chemically aggressive environments where the temperature reaches 280°C. Highly resistant to any chemical mixtures in exhaust gases.

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