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  • Jun
    [Blog] Pleated filter bags
    | Advantages of Pleated FiltersFor years, Bag Filters have been the staple filtration mechanism for dust collectors. Increasingly these are being to replaced by newer technologies such as Pleated Filter Bags (Or Pleated Media). Pleated Filtration Media generally has a few advantages over traditiona
  • Nov
    [Blog] Choice of Filtration Area of Filter Cartridges
    Choice of filtration area of filter cartridges
  • Jun
    [Blog] Choice of Filter media
    Choice of Filter Media1.Before choosing filter media, it is necessary to think about whether the dust is flammable or not. If it is flammable,we suggest to use anti-static filter media or taking other measures to prevent static flash over generating explosion.2. As human's environmentally friendly c
  • Jul
    [Blog] The Water Oil Repellent Spunbonded Filter Cartridge
    DGC company have focused on the industrial environmental protection since 1998. DGC is a technology-driven company committed to satisfying customer needs for filtration solutions through innovative research and development. Our motto is “DGC-Better environment is our business!”
  • Mar
    [Blog] Introduction of the HEPA Panel Air Filter with Clapboard
    The HEPA Panel Air Filter With Clapboard are used as the terminal filter to separate air suspended particles above 0.3um in the high air purity requirement and bacterial-free environment.The filtration efficiency is H13(99.99% @0.3um) and H14(99.999%@0.3um). The filter material is made of ultra-fi
  • Aug
    [Blog] Commonly Used Cleaning Method of Filter Bag
    1. Gas ash removal: Gas ash removal is by means of high-pressure gas or external atmospheric backflushing filter bag to remove the ash deposited on the filter bag. Gas ash removal includes pulse injection, reverse air blowing and reverse suction air cleaning.2. Mechanical Vibration Cleaning: Top Vib
  • Jun
    [Blog] How to Realize Gradual Filtration of Bag Filter
    Bag filters can be installed in series to achieve step-by-step filtration.If installed in the front end of the filter for high-precision filtration, the filtration cost can be greatly reduced. Similarly, sand filtration and other filtering methods can be combined with bag filtration, so as to furthe
  • May
    [Blog] Layout of filter cartridges in dust collectors
    Layout of filter cartridges in dust collectors. Generally, there are two main installation ways of filter cartridges in dust collectors that conclude inclined (horizontal) layout and vertical layout.
  • May
    [Blog] Cartridge Filter Media: Spunbonded Polyester
    Spunbonded Polyester Cartridge Filter MediaSpunbonded polyester performs well in applications with heat, or abrasive dusts. This option is ideal for applications that require a strong filter media with enhanced dust release.Industry applications: Cement, Cardboard, Sandblasting, Abrasive BlastingTre
  • May
    [Blog] Cartridge Filter Media: Nanofiber
    Nanofiber comprises of a thin, synthetic web of fibers that is overlaid on top of a substrate, usually 80/20, sometimes polyester.It is similar to a PTFE membrane on a filter bag; the web of fibers will act as a dust cake and capture a bulk of dust particulate. In comparison to 80/20 filter media, n
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