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Cartridge Filter Media: Nanofiber

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Nanofiber comprises of a thin, synthetic web of fibers that is overlaid on top of a substrate, usually 80/20, sometimes polyester.

It is similar to a PTFE membrane on a filter bag; the web of fibers will act as a dust cake and capture a bulk of dust particulate. In comparison to 80/20 filter media, nanofiber can withstand greater cleaning demands.

Industry applications: Plasma cutting, Metalworking, Castings, Smoke, or very fine dust

Treatments: Fire retardant

Advantage: Better at handling superfine dust versus 80/20

DGC filter supplies cartridge filters for brand dust collectors.

According to different applications, there are various filter media with different surface finishing for your option. such as: water &oil repellent, antistatic, fire-retardant, PTFE coating, PTFE membrane, Nano fiber coating, high temperature resistance, etc.

Just contact us for details and quotations.


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