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Introduction of the HEPA Panel Air Filter with Clapboard

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The HEPA Panel Air Filter With Clapboard are used as the terminal filter to separate air suspended particles above 0.3um in the high air purity requirement and bacterial-free environment.The filtration efficiency is H13(99.99% @0.3um) and H14(99.999%@0.3um).


The filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper and The HEPA Panel Air Filter is separated by Corrugated paper clapboard or Aluminum clapboard as the Partition separating the equal interval between each filter paper ,so the air flow is easy to pass through to ensure the effective of filter media and increase strength.


The HEPA Panel Air Filter has the characteristics of high efficiency, low resistance and large dust capacity etc.


The choices of frame materials are: Aluminium profile, Aluminum folding frame ,Galvanized steel frame and Stainless frame etc.


All sides of the filter are sealed with PU two components AB adhesive and EVA Sealing Strip to ensure the tightness of the entire filter.


The HEPA Panel Air Filter is widely used for clean room,pharmaceutical factory,biopharmaceutical factory,food processing plants and other applications need to control the air pollution.

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