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V-shaped Pleated Industrial Paint Filters


V-shaped Pleated Industrial Paint Filters

This product is based on the venturi airflow effect, the paint filter paper in accordance with a specific proportion of the V-shaped groove structure. 

When the paint passes through the air inlet, the speed slows down and the direction is controlled by a three-dimensional path, so that the paint particles in the paint mist and diluent are intercepted and collided to form inert separation after decelerating, and the paint particles are accumulated in the v-shaped groove, and the air is discharged from the outlet. 

It has the following characteristics, such as economy and environment friendly. 

1. Weak resistance to air, strong filtering effect, dust capacity is 5 times more than the mist cotton. And the air flow is saturated with dust.

2. Equipment investment is small, no noise, simple installation.

3. Long running time and low cost. (usually 500-860 hours).

4. Paint fog particles, powder treatment is simple, will not cause secondary pollution.

5. The efficiency of matching with resistance paint cotton is 95-99.9%.

6. Combined with activated carbon, it can also absorb 60-80% harmful gas to remove odors.

7. With flame retardant floor paper (a new type of environmental protection products instead of cotton), to achieve a cleaner paint environment, paint workshop easier to clean! Protect paint room floor from damage.


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