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What is a HEPA filter

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DGC filter manufacture all kinds of primary filters,medium efficiency filters, HEPA filters,meet the demand of industrial plants. What is exactly HEPA filter?

HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters capture variously sized particles within a multi-layered netting usually made out of very fine fiberglass threads with varying sized gaps. The filter is airtight, and comprised of a dense sheet of small fibers pleated and sealed in a metal or plastic frame.

The air purifier's fan draws air into the filter and particulates are captured in the filter. The larger particles are captured via impaction ,mid-sized particles are captured by interception , and ultra-fine particles are captured by diffusion .

The HEPA filter is used as the back-class filter to separator tiny particulate in the high air purity requirment and bacterial -free enviroment .such as industry,scientific research,hospital,pharmaceuticals,nuclear site.





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