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Usage and Cleaning Way of Filter Bag

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How to use it:

Closed filter: The filter bag and the matching filter are used simultaneously, and the liquid is extruded through the filter bag by using the system fluid pressure to achieve the purpose of filtering. The utility model has the advantages of fast flow rate, large processing capacity and long service life of the filter bag, and is especially suitable for the occasion of large flow and closed filtration.


Self-flow Open Filtration: The filter bag is directly connected to the pipeline through a suitable joint and filtered by the fluid gravity pressure difference. Its remarkable feature is that it does not need equipment investment, and the filtration is simple and feasible. It is especially suitable for small size, multi-species and intermittent economical liquid filtration.


Cleaning method:

1. Gas ash removal: Gas ash removal is by means of high-pressure gas or external atmospheric backflushing filter bag to remove the ash deposited on the filter bag. Gas ash removal includes pulse injection, reverse air blowing and reverse suction air cleaning.

2. Mechanical Vibration Cleaning: Top Vibration Cleaning and Middle Vibration Cleaning (both for filter bags) are used to remove the ash deposited on the filter bags by periodic vibration of the filter bags in turn with the help of the mechanical vibration device.

3. Artificial beating: It is to beat each filter bag artificially to remove the ash accumulated on the filter bag.



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