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The Cartridge Dust Collectors with Back Pulse Jetting device

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The filter cartridge dust collector is a kind of dust collector that uses filter cartridge as filter element.


The structure of the filter cartridge dust collector is mainly composed of the air inlet pipe,the clean air outlet pipe,the box body,removing ash pipeline,the ash removal device ,the flow guide device,the filter cartridge and the electronic control device,etc.


The cartridge dust collectors with back pulse jetting device is a kind of dust collection system that comes in a variety of designs to meet the application needs of the industrial .Types of pollutants can differ by industry. Therefore, industrial dust collector designs are specific to the extraction method required for each industry. Dust collector systems work in general by drawing dust and particulates from the air through a filter that first captures and separates the matter, and then discharges purified air back into the workplace or environment. The objective of each design application is essentially the same—to filter, separate, and capture dust and particulate matter and release clean air. 


A pulse-jet collector is a very effective type of industrial dust collection system. To make the cleaning more efficient, the pulses can also be controlled by differential pressure sensors. By making filters last longer, a pulse-jet collector is the most cost-efficient shop dust collection system.



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