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The Benefits of Pleated Filter Bag for Dust Collection Systems

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If your business is facing a challenging of economic turn, or perhaps is just in a season of slow growth, it can be appealing to try and save money by taking old equipment and adapting it to meet today's increased performance and efficiency standards.Whether you are investing in a new bag house or adapting an old one?


DGC FILTER encourages you to consider the dust pleated filter bag.


Today's air quality standards often require better filtration efficiency and longer filter life than the traditional filter bag.  


Pleated filter bag is one of the most advantageous dust collector technology innovations in decades.Because of its some benefits over traditional bags and cages.


Here are just a few of the pleated filter bag benefits:


1.Compared with the traditional filter bag, it has 2-3 times of filter area.


2.Compared with traditional bag filter,no filter cage is required.


3.Operations improvements, including increased productivity, reduced emissions, and lower energy usage and costs.


4.Easier installation, resulting in faster replacement and lower labor costs.


5. The filter area of the pleated filter bag is increased, the filter velocity is reduced, and it is not easy to cause wear on the filter material. Therefore the pleated filter bag has longer filter life.

3 meters long PTFE membrane pleated filter bag (2)


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