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The Basic Reasons for Damage of Filter Bags

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1. Pulse injection period, inadequate initial dust layer

Some studies have shown that excessive filtration gas velocity will break the initial dust layer and cause excessive wear and tear when dust impacts the filter bag. If the number of injection filter bags is too high at this time, it will easily lead to loosening of the fabric of the filter bag, which will make the filter bag easy to break.


When setting the pulse injection period of the dust collector, it is better to ensure that the dust collector works under a stable pressure and the set pulse injection period lasts the longest. The pulse cleaning time is better to ensure that the initial dust does not fall off and the set time is the shortest. If the initial dust layer is insufficient, the injection period can be extended to supplement the taste. If the pressure difference control is used, the dust collector can be improved. Stability of import and export pressure setting.


2, Wear

Excessive filtration gas velocity results in dust impact and abrasion of the filter bag, and also damages the fabric tension of the filter bag. The solution is to adjust the exhaust gas flow of the dust collector. When the expected flow changes greatly, the automatic flow control system can be increased to ensure that the dust collector works in a stable air flow.


The inhomogeneous distribution of the air intake of the dust collector makes the high content of the dust-containing waste gas directly impact the local filter bag. It is easy to perforate some filter bags at the inlet of the exhaust gas and shorten the service life. The solution is to install the air intake distribution guide plate at the duct of the dust collector intake, or replace the filter bags at the frequently worn parts with wear-resistant filter bags.


The distance between filter bags is too small and the keel is bent. For example, the glass fibers are very sensitive to each other's wear. The filter bags should be adjusted and fixed firmly and the curved keel should be replaced.


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