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Some Common Questions about Filter Bags

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1. When will the filter bag be replaced?

There are two ways to judge when to replace the filter bag in practical application:

1) Roughly determine the replacement time according to experience.

2) Pressure gauges are installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of bag filters. The time to replace the filter bags is determined by the pressure difference shown by the pressure gauges before and after. Generally, the pressure difference that the filter bags can bear is about 0.5-1 kg/cm2. When the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bags should be replaced in time to avoid the rupture of the filter bags and to affect the filtering effect, so as not to make a small loss.


2. Step-by-step filtration

Bag filters can be installed in series to achieve step-by-step filtration.

If installed in the front end of the filter for high-precision filtration, the filtration cost can be greatly reduced. Similarly, sand filtration and other filtering methods can be combined with bag filtration, so as to further improve the filtering quality and reduce the consumption cost of filter bags.


Combining self-cleaning machine, centrifugal filter and bag filter, we can use them alone or in series with other filter principles to achieve ideal results.


3. How to achieve uninterrupted filtering?

Bag filter parallel installation can ensure the continuity of filtering, or increase the flow rate, as shown in the figure parallel installation, alternate replacement of filter bags, can maintain the continuity of filtering.


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