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PTFE filter bags: oil and water repellent PTFE-based

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PTFE (Teflon) filter bags 

PTFE (Teflon) filter bags are applicable in very aggressive environments.

continuous working temperature up to 260°C;

area weights beginning at 600g /m2;

air permeability of approx. 100 l/dm2*min. 

Due to the fiber properties, PTFE needle felt filter bags provides very high filtration efficiency. 

Chemical Resistance

PTFE filter bag has the highest possible among all needle felts chemical resistance against acids, alkalies, hydrolysis, solvents and oxidizing.

In the oil and water repellent version, which is most often obtained by a deep resin full-bath, the needle felt achieves even better parameters in terms of non-adhesiveness and the risk of condensation of water vapor.

Cage Skeleton

Please note that, due to mechanical sensitivity of this polymer, the supporting cages should provide a sufficiently dense support.

DGC filter supply PTFE filter bags and supporting filter cages, various size and surface finishing available.

Feel free to contact, share your specific requirements or applications, we will help with precise solutions.


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