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PTFE Membrane Filter Media

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PTFE membrane: a type of semi-porous layer of PTFE bonded to the surface of a filter.

PTFE membrane acts as a permanent dustcake, that captures incoming dust particles on the filter surface, compare to normal filters that require a thick layer of dustcake to actually reach peak efficiency.

It means that filter media with PTFE membrane can operate at a peak collection efficiency from the very beginning they are installed (do not need to be precoated). Also, PTFE membrane works against the dust penetrating deep into the depth of the filter fabric, which is the cause of filter blinding. Therefore, filter media with PTFE membrane often last longer than standard filter elements and have a more consistent differential pressure over time. It captures dust on the surface of the filter and easily releases the dust when pulsed.

DGC filter has advanced PTFE membrane processing machine, we independently develop material surface treatment technology, such as: oil and water repellent, fire retardant, antistatic, PTFE membrane, Nanofiber membrane, etc. Just contact us for details or with any questions.

PTFE membrane filter media


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