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Mobile Cartridge Dust Collector equipped on Laser-cladding Machine

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The Mobile Cartridge Dust Collectors are suitable for the scattered dust extractions. They can filter many types of dust from various processing.


The DGC latest and mass production dust collector can be equipped on Laser-cladding machine. The dust collector is one-piece structure installed with MERV16 filter cartridge and extraction arms equipped the outlet diameter ф 100. The outer tube material is telescopic wrapped fabric with high temperature resistance.Due to the compact structure and the casters under the bottom, the collector can move to working place conveniently.

The Dimension

Air Flow

Motor Power

Filtering Area


3000 m3/h

2.2 Kw

10 m2

portable dust collectors 3


We are a renowned spare parts manufacturer of industrial dust removal and air purification in China since 1998, and have provided industrial dust extraction solutions for local and oversea customers more than 20 years..more
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