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How to ensure the quality of filter bags

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(1) Close the raw materials. Choose suitable raw materials according to the requirements of needle-punched felt filter material, including the requirements of fiber strength, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and spinnability. The needle-punched felt is made of polyester fibers with a size of less than 3.3 dtex, and its strength must be above 4 cN/dtex. The oil contained in the fiber itself should be moderate, and recycled raw materials should never be used. The quality of needle-punched felt filter material directly affects the quality index of finished filter material. All relevant personnel should strictly control the raw material.

(2) Establishing scientific and strict production technology. In the production process of needle-punched felt filter material, strict production process should be adopted. The technicians should first carry out production process, first do process test for variety change, then make reasonable production process design, and then carry out product tracking after putting into production. In order to change specifications, it is necessary to do process tests first, and then to produce in batches only if the test is qualified.


(3) Implementing standardized operations. Operators in each process should work out feasible operating rules and implement and check them; equipment should be maintained well to ensure good operation status and product quality and output; in order to avoid contamination, equipment hygiene and environmental hygiene must be ensured.


(4) Do a good job of inspection and acceptance. Inspection system for semi-finished products and products shall be established and strictly implemented in accordance with standards. In the inspection of semi-finished products, quality problems should be promptly feedback and corrected, and product quality of teams and individuals should be strictly assessed. Implement national and enterprise standards for product inspection. The finished product which has passed the inspection and acceptance shall be discharged from the factory.




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