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Hot Melt Filtration Bag Technology

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Hot melt filter bags are called high precision PP wireless seam filter bags, and have a variety of manufacturing processes such as: full welding of steel rings, full seam of plastic rings, full seam of plastic rings, full seam of steel rings, ring seam of bottom seam, ring seam of bottom seam, ribbon cladding seam, reverse seam, etc.


The hot melt filter bag adopts imported high purity filament fiber raw material needle felt. The filtrate filtrate surface is treated by special singeing. All raw materials are native white. Without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, they fully meet the environmental protection standards, effectively prevent the fibers from falling off and polluting the filtrate. High strength long fibers make the filter bag stable in filtration efficiency and longer in service life.


The annulus, bottom and side of the hot-melt filter bag are seamless, which avoids the pinholes produced by sewing the seam filter bag. The hot-melt welding method is adopted to ensure that the welding of each point is the strongest and consistent. Suitable for higher precision areas; ensure that the filter bag is not affected by other production accessories, ensure the consistency of the material of each filter bag.



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