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DGC replacement Amano and Camfil cartridge filter

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DGC design and manufacture core parts filter cartridges for various industrial dust collectors.
After nearly 20 years of development, we can not only provide standardized filter cartridges, but also provide customers with OEM and Customized service.

Especially the details of some filter cartridges can be comparable to the original.

DGC two type filter cartridges are currently on the market:

A special device designed inside the filter cartridge, can increase the effectiveness of jet operation.
DGC supply cartridges that can completely replace Amano's


the another type cartridge can completely replace Camfil's that adding the taper core to increase the filtering area.


DGC-Better environment is our business.   welcome to contact for any details and questions.


We are a renowned spare parts manufacturer of industrial dust removal and air purification in China since 1998, and have provided industrial dust extraction solutions for local and oversea customers more than 20 years..more

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