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DGC- Better environment is our business.

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Most climate scientists and experts agree that the accelerating climate change we see today is created by human activity. We know the greenhouse effect and global warming are probable threats to future generations. Many of us are actively participating to reduce emissions and energy consumption – from large institutions to private individuals.


As a technology-driven company committed to satisfying customer needs for dust filtration solutions through innovative research and development since 1998, DGC is play an important role. From a variety of high-quality filter media to the filter elements of various industrial dust collectors, we supply custom designed and mass production, according to clients' requirements and specific working conditions.


We would like to highlight how industrial process air can play an important role in our struggle to create a better and healthier environment.




We are a renowned spare parts manufacturer of industrial dust removal and air purification in China since 1998, and have provided industrial dust extraction solutions for local and oversea customers more than 20 years..more
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