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Cartridge Filter Media: 80/20 filter media

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In keeping your dust filtration system running at peak performance, selecting the right filter media for your cartridge dust collector plays an important role.

Make sure the filter media you choose is best for your application and specific needs. Having the incorrect cartridge filter media can negatively impact the service life of your filter, escalate the energy usage, and increase the risk of dust build-up resulting in a dangerous dust collector explosion.

Here is a brief introduction of cartridge filter media for your information.

80/20 filter media

80/20 filter media is comprised of 80% cellulose and 20% polyester. 80/20 is one of the most common and lowest priced filter media available for basic applications. This mixed filter media will provide more strength than a 100% cellulose cartridge filter.

Industry applications: Blasting, Paint Booths, General Dust Filtration
Treatments: Fire retardant (FR): can be added to help keep flame from bursting; doesn’t increase temperature resistance, Anti-Static, etc.

Advantage: Lowest price, widely available commodity filter for basic applications.

DGC filter supplies cartridge filters for brand dust collectors. 

According to different applications, there are various filter media with different surface finishing for your option. Just contact us for details and quotations.

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