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Application scope of different filter bags

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The filter bag is not an ordinary bag as you might imagine. It is actually a filter element with good filtering effect. Filter bags are made of various materials and have various kinds of components in the market. They are divided into liquid filter bags, air filter bags, dust removal bags and so on.


The types of filter bags are different, and the industries that can be used are also different. Take the liquid filter bag as an example, this kind of filter bag has many advantages. It can not only put labels or ink in use to pollute the filtrate, but also has a wide range of filtration. Its filtering accuracy is between 0.5 micron and 300 micron. This kind of filter bag is widely used in food, ink, paint, chemical industry and products, and can be used repeatedly without causing waste.


Dust bag is also one of the filter bags. The greatest feature of dust bag is easy to clean, and it has high corrosion resistance. It has a wide application area and can be used in power plants, chemical industry and other industries.




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