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Silicon Cover Filter Cartridge Ready For Shipment

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Customized filter cartridges with silicon cover are ready for shipment, produced by DGC Filter.

Size: Φ158*1070MM

Media Type: PET-F4/260 

Filter Media: PTFE Membrane Spunbonded Polyester

Filtration Area: 3.2m2

Filtration Precision: 0.3μm

Precision Grade: MERV16/H11

Filtration Efficiency: ≥99.99%

DGC Filter team is specialized in producing dust filtration products. 

According to drawings, samples, applications and your requirements, we can make special type non-standard products for you.


(Cartridges packed before being transported to the dock.)


DGC Filter: better environment is our business!


We are a renowned spare parts manufacturer of industrial dust removal and air purification in China since 1998, and have provided industrial dust extraction solutions for local and oversea customers more than 20 years..more

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