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  • Apr
    [Blog] Usage of filter bags

    Closed filter: The filter bag and the matching filter are used simultaneously, and the liquid is extruded through the filter bag by using the system fluid pressure to achieve the purpose of filtering. The utility model has the advantages of fast flow rate, large processing capacity and long service

  • Mar
    [Blog] Was the filter bag broken Must it be the problem of the filter bag

    The damage of the filter bag is not necessarily a problem of the filter bag. It is better to check whether your filter bag fits well with the built-in filter basket of the existing filter. As we all know, the filter bag is a non-woven fabric, and it can not bear pressure alone. It should be used in

  • Jan
    [Blog] What is the reason for the short service life of liquid filter bags

    It should be known that the service life of the filter material is closely related to the permeability of the material. If the permeability of the material is low, the original pressure difference of the filter bag will be small, the starting pressure will be slow, and the life of the natural filter

  • Mar
    [Company news] Thread Cap Vertical Installation Dust Filter Cartridge And Thread Cap

    Thread Cap Vertical Installation Dust Filter Cartridge And Thread Cap

  • Aug
    [Company news] Filter Cage Exported To New Zealand

    In order to send the filter cage safely and quickly. Our technological workers are doing external protection. The workers installed the iron plate outside the filter cage to protect the filter cage from collision during transportation. Therefore, we will provide you with the best quality and the mos

  • Aug
    [Company news] Global PET Non-Woven Fabric Market 2019 – Expert Survey Analysis And Market Professional Inspection Report

    source:industryjournalEfficacious study intends to explore Global PET Non-Woven Fabric Market 2019 including overall structure, competition, segments, and dominant manufacturers.The Global PET Non-Woven Fabric Market research report delivers a thorough evaluation of the global PET Non-Woven Fabric i

  • Feb
    [Company news] What Are The Advantages Of Liquid Filter Bags

    1. High-speed industrial sewing machine without silicone oil cooling will not cause silicone oil pollution.2. Side leak caused by improved suture without high protrusion and without needle eye resulted in side leak.3. All the labels marked with product specifications and models on the filter bags ar

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