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What Are The Advantages Of Liquid Filter Bags

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1. High-speed industrial sewing machine without silicone oil cooling will not cause silicone oil pollution.

2. Side leak caused by improved suture without high protrusion and without needle eye resulted in side leak.

3. All the labels marked with product specifications and models on the filter bags are easy to remove, so as to prevent the pollution of the filter bags by labels and ink in use.

4. The filtering accuracy ranges from 0.5 micron to 300 micron. The materials are divided into polyester and polypropylene filter bags.

5. Argon arc welding technology for stainless steel and galvanized steel ring. The diameter error is only less than 0.5 mm and the horizontal error is less than 0.2 mm. The filter bag made of this kind of steel ring can be installed in the equipment to improve the sealing degree and reduce the probability of side leakage.




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